It's Been TWO Months!!

It's been almost TWO months since I've written you last...please forgive me for the delay in keeping you updated. I know it must have been tough for you, eagerly awaiting this e-mail to be sent...but here we are! 

So, I turned the big 30 back in April...and I must say, the last six months of 29 were pretty eventful. I'll recap some of the things that happened...good and bad. :-) 

1. First time out of the country. Canada. Yeah, I know it's next door...but it counts! 

2. First silent month of my life. Due to my vocal injury, February was pretty quiet. Literally. Although, I kinda wish it happened in March...since I could have given it a cool name like "Mute March", it all worked out. 

3. First house break-in. Apparently, we were giving some good vibes to some late night shenanigans. 

4. First car to be stolen. I guess when you see car keys in a house, the opportunity presents itself, right? 

5. First car to be set on fire. If you're looking to have a "lit" time, I guess that's the thing to do. 

6. First time talking with an arson detective. The job title just sounds cool. I'd imagine that would be a cool title to have at a dinner party....great conversation starter. 

---- If you didn't guess, 3-6 were all related. ---- 

7. First time being "officially" defrauded. PledgeMusic, if you just Google their name, you can learn more. They were a fairly successful crowdfunding option, like IndieGoGo or GoFundMe, but recently were found to be not paying their only goes downhill from there. 

8. First time attempting to learn French. Now, it was Canadian French, which I know is different. But, I must say, driving through Montreal, I was able to at least learn the word "Arret". 

9. First time playing music in Buffalo, NY! I ended up playing for a friends wedding in the Boston area, which was awesome! What was even cooler was that I got to do this with my dad - a little father/son bonding trip. Buffalo was as stopping point...because...why not? 

10. First time staying in Erie, PA!  Had the honor, although being mute, of staying with some family (Andrea & John), who I have not seen in a very long time! Great to see them again.... 

11. First time going back to my birth town...on my own.  I had the honor and privilege to visit good ol' Livonia (near Detroit). I was able to visit a family friend, see the rebuilding / renewal of Detroit. Thanks Mr. Al! He's a great tour guide. 

12. First time writing and recording a song for my nieces....and nephew. The songs "Something We Forgot", inspired by my niece in Columbus, and "Brother", inspired by my niece and nephew in Texas - both on the new album, "The Bear Minimum" 

Okay, I think 12 is a good stopping point. Needless to say, there were some better things...and some worse things...but they all were experiences. And experiences are life. What you do with those experiences are crucial for growth.. 

On another note, I'm STOKED. I starting to prepare for my first DIY US Tour. I'll be making my way to Texas in the middle of August and will be stopping through Cinci, Louisville, Nashville, Memphis, and Dallas (perhaps another one in between). It's a learning experience for me...but, it's a lot of fun being a nerd and sending out a bazillion e-mails to venues in an attempt to secure a gig. 

That being said, if you are in ANY of these areas... let me know! This is the breakdown of where and when I'll be in certain areas: 

August 10th: Cincinnati - Bean and Barley 

August 11th: Louisville - Venue TBA 

August 12th: Nashville - The Basement (still pending confirmation) 

August 13th: Memphis - Java Cabana 

August 14th: TBA 

August 15th: Dallas - Opening Bell 

August 16th - 18th: Austin - DIY Conference 

Thanks everyone! AS USUAL, let me know how YOU are doing.

Peace and love, 

Benjamin Marshall