Columbus is Alive!

First things first...THANK EVERYONE who came out last Saturday. It was the first full band show since January...and I must say, it was an amazing experience....and this time I still have a voice (last time, I lost it)! Playing…


New Single Alert!!!!

It's busy over here, but I think that's the normal, default response. I think everyone uses the "busy" answer..because life does keep us busy! 

--- I just put the final touches on a NEW single being released this Saturday. It'll…


It's Been TWO Months!!

It's been almost TWO months since I've written you last...please forgive me for the delay in keeping you updated. I know it must have been tough for you, eagerly awaiting this e-mail to be sent...but here we are! 

So, I…


I'm Ready to Begin

Last night was beautiful. 

For the first time in a while, I participated in a singer-songwriter round in a new, but old place called the Market at Flint. 

The establishment is a restored building off of Park Rd which…


Just Sayin' Hello!

Howdy friends! 

Ben here - checking back in. It's Sunday evening, so I figured what better way to end the weekend than share time with you? ;-) 

For those who had kept up with my previous e-mail, I had previously…


Live from Montreal!!


That's the "petit" amount of French I know right now. Merci! 

So, I finally did it. I made into another country. Sure, Canada is right next door, but I must say, of the Canadian cities to visit, Montreal seems…


Voice Updates

Warning this might be a long e-mail update! Skip to the bottom if you want to hear the silver-lining! 

So, I swallowed my pride finally, and saw a doctor. Let me tell ya, I'm certainly glad I did. 

Initially went…


Thank YOU!

Good morning, friends! 

I know I'm over a week late on this...but let me start this e-mail by saying... 

Thank you for the AMAZING CD Release Night on Saturday (January 19th)!!!!! 

As unpredictable as the weather was, I couldn't ask…


2019: I Thought it was 2007 Still


I sincerely hope that 2018 brought in some good final memories...but now that we're in the beginning of 2019, let's be cliche and talk about our New Years resolutions. I'll go ahead and start by…


Just Play a Song - First Podcast 

Howdy friends,

Trying something new out. I'm starting a podcast called, Just Play a Song, based off of a music group I started a while back!

Let me know what you think! Hoping to bring in other musicians,…


It's Time for The Bear Minimum

Howdy friends, 

Merry Christmas everyone! Can't believe we are TWO weeks away from the Christmas. 

Also, as a late delivery, but early Christmas present, it is finally that time! The album is in the FINAL, FINAL, FINAL stages. No more…


The Choice Is Yours

Today, I was scrolling through many of us do, and couldn't make a decision for the life of me. I wanted to find a "good" movie so I wouldn't "waste my time". Ironically, most of the times I do…