Social Distancing Update

Hi all, 

Benjamin here... and I'm typing this email from inside my house, continuing to practice my social distancing. I'm sure you are doing the same thing. If not, I hope that you change your practices. :-) 

I have been blessed that I still am technically working my full-time job, but unfortunately many of my music gigs (like every other musician) were cancelled.. As unfortunate as it is, this is part of life. And I know there are many musicians who are impacted even more by this, as they do this as their main source of income. 

But, at this point, many, if not all, know the struggle. I don't need to go any further into details, since I'm sure you've witnessed it... 

I will say, the isolation thing is real though. I didn't realize how much I crave human interaction until being forced on this computer (which I did already...but not to this extent). 

That being said, I would LOVE to hear from you. I sincerely hope that YOU are doing well. I know this has been a tough month, and it seems like the next few months will be tough as well, but I know we will get through this. Things aren't normal, I'll never admit that. But we do have to find a new way to feel normal, even when things aren't. 

Shoot me an email, share with me your struggles...AND...share with me some of your silver linings....There are some light moments in these tough times.. Let's share some love with the world. 

Here are a few music updates below 



...or if you don't have the money to support me at this time, no pressure! You can listen on YouTube - just respond to this email, and I can help you with access! 


Feel free to check out the Patreon page to see some of the perks of supporting me. I'm still working on if you have some cool ideas, DO LET ME KNOW! 


Facebook @ 7 PM ( 

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3. MY NEW SINGLE IS OUT, "Wrong Together": 

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, BandCamp...and plenty more! 

4. I wrote a toilet paper song. Wanna hear it? Lemme know! 

Thanks everyone. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Peace and love, 


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