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Ahoy there, 

I love to change up the greetings in my email...so if there's another creative way of saying "hello", let me know! You might think I'm just writing this waste more space on an e-mail, but I'm absolutely serious. If you have a genius greeting you'd like to share with me, respond to this email now! Saying "Dear" or "Hello is just too boring. 

Anyways..how are you doing? Hope life is treating you well. It's been a minute! Or almost two weeks. 

The open mics have been going REALLY well. For those of you who don't know, I started hosting an open mic back in November, around Thanksgiving, and have been doing it WEEKLY for a few months now. This past week was one of our best nights thus far. If you're one of my musical friends/supporters, I'd LOVE to see you on a Wednesday at the Grandview Grind. Sign up is at 7:00 PM and it starts at 7:30 PM. The awesome thing about this open mic is that it's an early bird open mic...you don't have to worry about playing at midnight. The latest you'd play would be 9:15! Beautiful, huh? 

Also, stay tuned on some upcoming shows! I've got a few lined up over the next few months - including a happy hour at the Rambling House in February, a show at Angry Baker in March, the Tree Bar (with the Kozmics) in March, the Crest in April and the rescheduled Star House Fundraiser show that will be in April. I'd LOVE to see you at ANY or ALL of these shows. Please be sure to stay tuned regarding updates on these performances! 

Wanna do a road trip? Come along with me to Kansas City. I'm super stoked because I'll be attending the Folk Alliance International Conference the second week of February. It's gonna be a blast to witness and build relationships with so many "music junkies". It'll be my first attending this event, so we'll see how it goes! Hoping to keep the fire burning inside, which I'm sure won't be a problem when you are surrounded by over a thousand musicians, songwriters, producers, bloggers, etc...!!! 

FINALLY, most importantly, PLEASE STAY TUNED TO MY EMAILS! I've got some awesome news that I'd love to share with you...but I wanna keep on the "hush hush" for right now. I can't say exactly when, where or how I'll reveal it to you...but you will know. (Am I being vague enough?) 

As always, you know you receive this email because I care about you. I want to know what's going on with your life, so please feel free to shoot a response! 

Thanks everyone for all that you do! Have a great evening! 


Benjamin Marshall

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