March Madness

Are we almost at March Madness? It's always one of my favorite times of the year...especially now that MTSU (my college alma mater) has been doing well over the last few years! I love the excitement of rooting for the underdog! 

Last night, I had the pleasure of doing a few solo sets at the Tree Bar in between bands last night. I didn't advertise this much...since, it was only a solo set... but it was fun! I had even more fun being the guy that completely killed the energy/mood between sets. Many of the bands were in the "punk" genre, which was always a favorite of mine growing up. But, with an acoustic guitar and my vocals, accomplishing the rawness, loudness and angst of's tough to do. So, I didn't try to be something I wasn't. I was the acoustic guy! 

Austin, from the Kozmics, invited me to come out to the show. It was their single release show! Be sure to check it out on Spotify, iTunes or Bandcamp! 

Few updates! 

1. I've currently raised over $140 on my PledgeMusic campaign, which is great! The goal of this campaign is to obtain $2,500 throughout the campaign to help fund recording, mixing, mastering, marketing and distribution of a 9-song album and will be open until April 9th! I know it seems ambitious, but please do know that any costs that are not used for album purposes WILL be donated to the Star House! 

2. Upcoming Show Alert: 

Friday, March 16th - Live Music at the Angry Baker - including myself, October Ember, and Mark Zonakis! Music starts at 7:30 PM! $5 admission 

That's all I have for now. If you're in Columbus, enjoy the Arnold Classic. I'll be doing my best to avoid all this traffic...:-(. Might snag a box of protein powder that'll I forget to use over the period of the next three years. ;-) 

Like always, let me know how you're doing! I have a niece's FIRST birthday to celebrate! 

Peace and love, 

Benjamin Marshall

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