Let it Snow!!


It's Benjamin here - checking in! Hope you all are finding a way to stay warm....but at the same time, finding a way to enjoy all of this snow! I REALLY WANNA GO SLEDDING...!

Some of you may have known, the show from this past Friday (three days ago) ended having to be cancelled...due to the weather conditions. I literally pushed cancelling the show until the last minute (basically when the doors opened). I'm starting to realize that stubbornness is part of my personality...haha. By the time 8 PM struck, when doors were supposed to "open", I had to make an executive decision. The snow was pretty intense by that point, and it wasn't worth trying to risk your safety. I decided to cancel..:-(

I HATE CANCELLING! It's my least favorite thing to do in life. But, under these circumstances, it was probably the best option.. SORRY TO THOSE OF YOU THAT ACTUALLY DID MAKE THE EFFORT TO DRIVE! You are amazing! I want to make it up to you somehow.:-) The silver lining of it all is that we WILL reschedule this (Same bands, and same cause: the Star House). Please stay tuned for the rescheduled show date! Right now, it's looking like it'll be April 13th. 

The other good news is that I'll be playing a short set this Friday at The Shrunken Head (around 7:40 PM). It's a new music festival called "Columbus Covers Columbus". I'll be playing around 15 minutes, covering some different groups including: House of Heroes, The Cordial Sins, Silvis and October Ember.

Check out the Spotify playlist:


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Also, please stay tuned over the next weeks  upcoming announcement! ....drum roll.....<wait for it!>

Thanks everyone!

Peace and love,,


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