The Choice Is Yours

Today, I was scrolling through many of us do, and couldn't make a decision for the life of me. I wanted to find a "good" movie so I wouldn't "waste my time". Ironically, most of the times I do this, I waste more time scrolling than I do with actually watching the movie. I'm sure you all know the struggle! 

Luckily, I did make a decision that didn't take TOO long. The movie was called "Mr. Nobody"...which of all movies was very fitting. It was a film that dealt with the consequences of choice. If you haven't watched the movie, I won't spoil it for you - mainly because I'm bad at explaining movies. I definitely recommend it! 

The movie dives into several different lives of one specific individual, showcasing the outcomes of his decisions had he made one decision over another (almost a butter-fly effect idea). It makes you ask the question: If we knew the outcome of our decisions beforehand, would it aid our decision-making process? Or would it make us even more burdened? 

Me personally, I'm not too sure. Knowing the potential future of every decision you make would be overwhelming. But, I also do know that fear of the unknown is also a legitimate concern for making decisions. I'm realizing that decisions aren't always necessarily right or wrong, as I have previously thought; some decisions are simply just decisions. They may lead is down a different path but not always a worse path. It's not to say that there aren't better or worse decisions, but the fact that their could be neutral decisions. 

Sometimes, the worst decision could be the decision to not make a decision. 

I say all of this to reflect on my own life...and what I believe is a big struggle for much of humanity (at least in America). I've had many moments of life where I've contemplated so much and failed to make a decision at all. Choices are EVERYWHERE: including anything and anyone at anytime. It's good to think through decisions, but at the end of the day, we cannot predict the future. 

My motto (as of now): Pray about it, make a decision....and pray some more! 


The album is officially mastered! It's going to be called "The Bear Minimum"! My good friend is helping me out with getting some artwork ready - so be on the lookout! I'm eager to share the music with you! It's been a long time in the making - we're now on countdown! 

As always, let me know how you are doing! Simply respond with a "Hey Ben! Life is....." 

Peace and love,