Happy Hump-day! 

For all you fellow Monday through Friday-ers, we're over half way through the week. Not that I'm counting or anything. 

For those who came out a few weeks ago to my Single Release show and supported some local music, your support, THANK YOU. It means the WORLD TO ME. Yeah...This is two weeks late, but I wanted to make sure I let you know how much fun I had. Playing music is such a privilege, even more so when it's with other people. Music is meant to be shared wither others! 

A few announcements: 

1. Tonight is open mic. Short notice, I know. But, feel free to stop by the Grandview Grind anytime until 9:30 PM tonight! 

Address: 1423A Grandview Ave, Columbus, OH 43212 

2. TOMORROW - I'm having a worship/jam night at my house. 
- E-mail/call/text/Facebook back if you'd like to come out! We'll be starting around 7 PM. 

3. Shows coming up: 

July 6th - TREE BAR - Songwriter Night! 

Address: 887 Chambers Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43212 
Starts at 8 PM - $5! 


Address: 2250 N High St. Columbus, OH 
Starts around 8, I'll be closing it out! Probably around 10 or so! 

Finally, it's wedding season! If you're someone who needs assistance or knows someone who needs assistance with musical entertainment for a wedding, don't hesitate to let me know. I'd love to help provide musical needs! I'm realizing that it's a lot of fun for me. 

That's all! Hope the summer is starting off great for ya'll. 

Thanks for your support and as always, show me some love and respond to this e-mail to let me know how you are doing! 

OH WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost forgot. I started recording some more songs! We're working on the second batch of three songs - making it to a total of six studio recorded songs! The goal is to get to nine - so we're getting there! Can't wait to share some more tunes with ya'll...if you haven't already tuned me out. :-) Now, I'm done. 

Peace and love,

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