The Wedding Singer

^^^ This summer has been flying....And slowly but surely, I'm becoming a little bit more like this fellow, the Wedding Singer! I think this summer/fall will be a total of six! 

The thing I love about performing at these weddings is how DIFFERENT they are from person to person. I was talking to the "Wedding Lady" who officiated the wedding yesterday. She said that one of the weddings she officiated was a "zombie" wedding in which she, and everyone else who were invited, had dressed up as a zombie in order to perfect their vowels on their day of marriage. I can only hope to become a zombie wedding singer in the future. :-) 

Sure, the anticipation of screwing up someone's wedding is always a fear of mine....hence why I probably quadruple-checked my sound equipment making sure I had everything I needed for yesterday's occasion. I also got their super know...because it's a big day! I don't wanna be that bad memory for someone's wedding. 

But after the ceremony, the celebration begins. And that's what I really love. Celebrating life. Weddings, without a doubt, always provide an element of celebration - an excuse to party. It's a perfect reason. We're celebrating two lives who are committed to loving each other - and what better excuse to party than love? 

(I know that's cheesy, but dude. It's true) 

Updates about that ol' music stuff that Benjamin likes to do: 

1) I'm up to SEVEN tracks on the album. Hoping to record ONE or TWO more - then LET THE mixing, mastering, distribution begin. We're getting close, folks! 

2) I'll be heading to Nashville next week for the CDBaby DIY Conference. I miss it's gonna be good to go back there and say hello...along with getting inspired for music again. 

3) I've got a few gigs lines up at the Tree Bar and have to confirm some potential performances at the Crest as well: 

Saturday, September 8th (Tree Bar) 

Thursday, September 27th (Tree Bar) 

4) Finally, MY OPEN MIC IS BEING CHANGED TO TUESDAY (at the Grandview Grind) - same time - 7 PM sign up, 7:30 PM start 

Thanks all! Keep me posted on how you are doing! 

Peace and love,