Feed My Sheep

This past Thursday, I had the absolute pleasure of recording a new song....well, really a BRAND new song. I could have went with a familiar song that I was more comfortable with recording, but I was feeling led to track this song and throw it on the album. I had eight amazing other human beings come in on a whim and sing some back up harmonies to give it a mini choir feel. I'm stoked to share it with ya'll...but it may be a while...:-( 

The song, called Feed My Sheep, was inspired by the story between Peter and Jesus in the Bible. Yeah, I'm about to get a little bit bible on ya....sorry.... 

For those who are unfamiliar, Peter was a bold character and a strong follower of Jesus. I'd say he's one of those guys you'd want on your side; the type of person who would stick up for you through thick and thin. Peter probably thought that until the end, he would be there right by his side. But much to his dismay and probably shock, Jesus informed him that he would deny him THREE times before the rooster crows. He had hard time processing this but sure enough, by the time the rooster crowed, he wept in remorse. 

Luckily, the story doesn't end like this. When Jesus is resurrected, alive from the dead, he asks Peter three times: Do you Love Me? After each time of asking "Do You Love Me", he replies with similarly but differently worded statements as followed: "Feed My Lambs", "Take Care of My Sheep" and finally, "Feed My Sheep". 

Clearly, this was a statement for not only Peter, but all of us to love our neighbors. This is a requirement on our end. I wrote this song to remind myself, and others, of not only the importance but also how vulnerable we are in this area. It is so easy to fail at doing this. But when we do fail, it doesn't have to define us. 

On a musical note... (ha, get it)), if you're free, come out to the Tree Bar tonight! I'll be playing at 9-ish 

I'd love to see you and perhaps talk with you some more on your thoughts! 



Saturday, September 8th at Tree Bar - TONIGHT!!!!!! 

Davey Dynamite, Chase Duncan, and PFC Pierce 

$5, 9 PM 


Thursday, September 13th at Bobbys Idle Hour 

Songwriter Round (Nashville) 

FREE, 10:45 PM 


Saturday, September 22nd at Troubador Farms 

What If I Would Stock, Galena, OH 

$10 wristbands, $15 at site, $5 PM (goes on until 2 am!) 

Thursday, September 27th at the Tree Bar 

The Rightly So w/ Jeff German & Benjamin Marshall 

$5, 10 PM 


Thanks everyone! Do me a solid, and continue to let me know how your are doing. If you don't know where to begin, this might be a good starter prompt..... 

If you had to pick an animal that represented your life RIGHT NOW, what would it be?