Blue Elephant

Hey there!

LIfe has been busy! Working full-time while attempting to do the music thing has been a TON of fun but also very exhausting. I think I'm starting to realize the importance of opposed to trying to do everything all the time. When you multi-task so much, the quality of your product, whatever that product is, starts to suffer...As human beings, we want the best of both worlds, not only to be able to do EVERYTHING, but to also to EVERYTHING with quality. Unfortunately, there's not enough time.

So, that being said.... my eventual goal for myself...AND to focus on one thing. And spend time on it! It's okay to slow down and use that time to completely focus in on the task! 

A few updates on my end!

1. I started hosting an open mic! In fact, it's today! Sign up is at 6:30 PM and it starts at 7 PM (ends around 9). It's over at the Grandview Grind - check out the link for more details:

2. I posted my song of the week yesterday! This week's topic....BLUE ELEPHANT! Will eventually start posting the lyrics, so stay tuned for that!

3. We've got a full band show THIS FRIDAY at The Tree Bar. We'll be playing with The Castros, TOWNeS and The Kozmics! Should be a great night! Music starts at 8 PM with $5 admission!

4. Finally, this is completely different note. Please let me know if there is any way I can pray for you. I love knowing how you all are doing, so please don't be a stranger.

Thanks gang!

Peace and love,