The Aftermath of Black Friday

Hey everyone!

Hope your holidays have been treating you well (and are recovering from Black Friday). Even if you don't celebrate what Thanksgiving stands for, I think we can all agree that the idea of appreciating the company of friends and family is a spectacular thing! At the VERY least, I hope you experienced some relaxation!

Last night, we had a Black Friday show at Tatoheads, which was a lot of fun! It's such a privilege to be playing with talented musicians, such as Cylia Queen and Mark Zonakis. I have a few pictures below in which you can check out! Hopefully, I'll have more to come! 

This upcoming Tuesday, I'll be performing a new Facebook Live song on "Holidays". Be sure to check it out - will be on there around 7 PM on my artist page -

THIS Friday, I'll be at Aerial Wine Boutique with Ms. Caroline Smith, doing some duet action! Be sure to check it out! Music starts around 8 and will last until 10!

5324 Hamilton Rd 
Columbus, Ohio 
(614) 933-3383

I am SO thankful for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU and the impact you have on my life. Even if I forget to tell you that, please be aware, yes - I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU! 

Peace and love,