It's Time for The Bear Minimum

Howdy friends, 

Merry Christmas everyone! Can't believe we are TWO weeks away from the Christmas. 

Also, as a late delivery, but early Christmas present, it is finally that time! The album is in the FINAL, FINAL, FINAL stages. No more mixing, no more mastering...Although, I'm realizing I can always make further adjustments, tweaks - it is in the stage where it's going to be replicated! 

If you didn't already see, the album's official title is "The Bear Minimum". Thanks to all of you who have supported me and voted on the album title. Apparently, me naming album titles after an animal is becoming a consistent thing. Now that I have both a giraffe and a bear, we'll have plenty of time to decide on the next animal title... I mean album title. 

For those of you who preordered the album, I will be e-mailing you very shortly with the download, so stay tuned for that. If you didn't preorder it, you can still do so - just respond to this e-mail or check out my PledgeMusic page. 

I'll keep this e-mail nice and short, since I know you have plenty of Christmas shopping to do along with other activities that don't involve reading e-mails. Be sure to mark your calendars for January 19th - the CD Release Show. It'll be at Victory's, which is not far at all from my house in the German Village area! Not only will this be a fun time, but I'll even have some new self-recorded songs to give out that'll only be offered at the show! 

Facebook invite: 

Thanks everyone for all of your love and support!