The Music City

Oh, how I missed Nashville. 

Over the past weekend, I had the pleasure of being in Nashville for a "DIY Music Conference" put on by CD Baby. It was actually my 2nd year, so this time I wasn't a complete newbie. Utilizing my grandpa driving skills along with the great mileage of my prius, I ventured off to the Music City with a few music pals - David and Nate and stayed in a hostel downtown. We were right in the heart of the city...and for only $35 a night. Not too bad, huh? 

All four of the dudes in our little dormitory room were here for the conference - one from Santiago, Chile and another from Pittsburgh - and of course my friend and I. I was fascinated by the fact that someone would travel so far for this conference. He definitely wasn't the only one. There were people from all over the world that attended this conference - from New Zealand to Chile to Brazil. Apparently, Nash-vegas was the city to be in this past weekend. 

So, I won't bore you with all the details of the conference - but the big takeaway for me is the connection aspect. I always find myself in the "jam room" playing music with other talented individuals....And since my voice was gone the first night, I found myself LOVING accompanying other people - whether on piano or guitar. Seeing the diversity in styles - unified by a simple, causal jam room...was all I needed. Don't get me wrong, the seminars were great as well...but, the relationship building part is always is a priority to me. 

So, here I am. Typing away at the computer. Back in Columbus...and long behold, the Nashville connection happens again. One of the new neighbors randomly found my business card on the street...and actually checked out my music. 

Yeah. You read that correct. 

A stranger...who had no idea of who's business card it was... randomly checked out the website and music. Maybe that'll be my new way of marketing. 

He told me today that his son plays bass in a band, based out of Nashville, but lives in Columbus. It's a band called, Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes... I am going to check them out RIGHT now! I think you should too! 

Anyways, thanks for reading my e-mail. I'd LOVE to hear from you. I'm realizing how small this world can be sometimes. 

Tell me about a time/situation where YOU realized how small this world can be...aka six degrees of separation. 


Saturday, September 8th - 9 PM  at the Tree Bar 

Davey Dynamite, Chase Duncan, and PFC Pierce 

Thursday, September 27th - 10 PM at the Tree Bar 

The Rightly So w/ Jeff German & Benjamin Marshall 

For those of you who actually have read this far....or happened to scroll to this point, here's a treat for you. For the next several e-mails, I'm going to send you a few old recordings of my OLD band. Here's the first one on the list. Take a listen...Dive into "Fearing All the Evidence" - a song recorded OVER a decade ago. 

Thanks all! Have a great rest of the week! 

Peace and love, 
Benjamin Marshall

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