Happy Hump-day! 

For all you fellow Monday through Friday-ers, we're over half way through the week. Not that I'm counting or anything. 

For those who came out a few weeks ago to my Single Release show and supported…


Precious Time

Random thoughts from Benjamin! (If you'd rather just read the music updates, scroll to the bottom. Seriously, I won't be offended.) 

Do you ever think about how much time you waste THINKING about time? 

I've been thinking about…



Call me a slacker...I've been trying to send out these e-mails on Saturdays...but time ran away from me yesterday! Or, maybe I ran away from time. So, here we are on Sunday -staring at this computer screen on a BEAUTIFUL…


The Joys of Technology

The reason for the title of this update? Technology.... 

I tried to send an e-mail from a month ago a bunch of times but... apparently, it was not in the cards to be sent. Shame on you technology. The…


March Madness

Are we almost at March Madness? It's always one of my favorite times of the year...especially now that MTSU (my college alma mater) has been doing well over the last few years! I love the excitement of rooting for the…


Ready for it?

Boy...Time flies!. 

About two years ago, I started the journey of figuring out how to make an "full-length" studio-ish album. I didn’t exactly realize what I was getting myself into…..tracking, mixing, engineering, composing, singing, tuning, screwing up words, mastering…


Oops - I Forgot About You Groundhog

Aren't groundhogs so cute? 

To be honest, I forget it was their special day yesterday. Someone has to let me know if Mr. Groundhog saw his shadow or not...I myself have been a bit of a groundhog lately. 


Miss Me Yet?

Ahoy there, 

I love to change up the greetings in my if there's another creative way of saying "hello", let me know! You might think I'm just writing this waste more space on an e-mail, but I'm absolutely…


Let it Snow!!


It's Benjamin here - checking in! Hope you all are finding a way to stay warm....but at the same time, finding a way to enjoy all of this snow! I REALLY WANNA GO SLEDDING...!

Some of you…


New Year, New Legacy!

Are you motivated yet? Maybe IF I TYPE IN ALL CAPS? DOES THAT HELP? HOW ABOUT ALL CAPS IN BOLD AND RED? Okay...I guess text can only do some much. 

It's one of my favorite times of the…


2018? Are We Here, Yet?

So, here we are. 2018 is about to arrive...... 

Most of the time, I'd be saying that this year went fast...but this year has been a special one. When I say "special", it's "special" in the fact that with…


# Merry Christmas

Why, hello! 

It's Benjamin here - hope you are DOING fantastic. Just wanted to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS! a Christmas gift...I now have a Twitter for my music (only 10 years late right?). Follow Me! -