Happy Wednesday

Good morning!

Hope this Wednesday morning is treating you well. It's been a great start for me - attempting to spend time with God, which lately I've been neglecting more than I'd like to admit! I started off by listening to a sermon this morning by Francis Chan. Throughout the sermon, he stressed one thing that many of the churches of this day tend to miss...and it's a REALLY important aspect of following Jesus...spending time with God....And, I tend to agree with what he says. There are many beautiful aspects of Christian fellowship and community, but often missed is the time that we spend with God - the simple (but often made difficult) notion of consistently coming to HIm, having an ongoing interaction through a relationship that is between YOU and God.

Anyways, if you are interested - feel free to check it out below! If I'm just blowing mist into the air, no problem - feel free to read below for music updates:


Few updates on my end:

1. Tonight - I'm hosting my open mic again at the Grandview Grind - starting at 7:30 PM (Sign up is around 7 PM). Come on out! Would love to see your pretty face!

2. BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR SOME NEW RECORDINGS IN THE NEW YEAR! Will probably be starting a website to help with raising some funds to help cover costs in several weeks!

3. Next show is January 12th at the Shrunken Head - it'll be a fundraiser/donation drive with  LIVE MUSIC FROM:  myself, Shiloh Hawkins, Sonny B Gould, Silvis, and Backyard Sticks. $5 admission, feel free to donate any of the following AT THE SHOW or BEFORE THE SHOW:

  • Men’s underwear (preferably boxers and/or boxer briefs - MUST BE NEW) 
  • Women’s underwear (MUST BE NEW) 
  • Large Towels 
  • Washcloths 
  • Deodorant (MUST BE NEW) 
  • Book bags 
  • Headphones/ear buds

That's all I have folks! Thanks for your love and support. Have an amazing day! And, again, please let me know how YOU are doing and how I can pray for you.

Benjamin Marshall