What's going on, friend?

Howdy friends! 

These days, I seem to start off emails the same way. Start off by saying, "Man, it's been a REALLY LONG TIME", then carry on to the meat of the email. 

This email isn't going to be any different. It's been 9 months since my last email to you all, so clearly it has been a hot minute with a few cold minutes in there too. So, here it is. 

Man, it's been a while!! 

I've realized that since I haven't updated my website much, I've been getting some new fans on my mailing list. Unfortunately, the fans appear to be robots. But, hey, robots are cool too? 

Anyways, I'm mainly sending this email to see how YOU are doing. I'd LOVE to know how 2021 is treating you. 

Here are some quick updates from me! 

1. I released a new single, "Agape" back on Valentine's day (February 14th). Check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, or Bandcamp! 

2. Super blessed to have a lady in my life, Emily! Our first "face to face" date was February 29th of 2020, two weeks before our whole world changed. She's a multi-instrumentalist herself, so I'm really excited to do some musical collaborations with her! Stay tuned! 

3. I started going back to school a few months ago at Ohio University, trying to get my Master's in Special Education! It's all online, which is great, but also proves to be quite challenging for a person like me, who has trouble being still. Haha. 

Anyways, that's about it for me! DO LET ME KNOW HOW YOU ARE HOLDING UP! Stay tuned for new music coming your way! 

PS: The "Agape" download is available in this email as well. 

Peace and love, 


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