Aloha from Benjamin

Howdy friends! 

It's Benjamin here, checking in. Happy Holidays from me to you! 

How the heck are ya? Hit that respond button. Give me the deets. Whether it's good, okay, or bad, I always want to know how YOU are doing, especially if I don't hear from you often. Life seems to be flying by, even when it feels like it's been crawling. 

I'll give you the condensed version of my last few years. For those of who you don't know, I've made a wee bit of a career path change (my job outside of music). As of this past August, I've been working as a special ed teacher at an elementary school, securing my first job as a licensed educator. Admittedly, the whole "licensed educator" thing still feels weird to say, creating this "imposter syndrome" in me. I'm sure you all have been there and know that feeling. I'll get over that, eventually. 

You might be asking...why'd you go back to school? Well, I'm glad you asked. When the pandemic started in 2020, in an attempt to keep myself out of trouble, and engaged with life, I figured I'd keep myself busy...because that's the way I roll. I've always had a heart for serving individuals with disabilities (which is a LARGE, DIVERSE part of our population). I started grad school in January of 2021 and finished up this past August of 2022. And here we are, doing the things. Well, I'm attempting to do the things. Not that I'm counting or anything, but I've made it through 82 school days. Woohoo! I won't bore you with all the details of my classroom experience...but I will's been a period of growth for Mr. Ben! Now, I'm on winter break, which is a recipe for catching up on life, especially music. Hence why you're receiving this email right now! 

Anyways, I've got good news for you. Are you ready for it? I've actually got some upcoming shows to share with you! 

Friday, December 30 @ 7 PM at the Columbus Zoo 

Benjamin Marshall @ The Columbus Zoo | Facebook 

Saturday, January 7th @ 8 PM at Kafe Kerouac (w/Shiloh Hawkins, Shawn Hedderman, Cylia Queen, and Whitley Trusler 

All I Do is Win-Ter Songwriter Night | Facebook 

That's all I've got for you. As always, thanks for all of your love and support. Stay tuned for more updates! If you're free to catch either of those events, I'd LOVE to see you. If not, I forgive you. The good news is I think I may have caught the music bug again, which MIGHT mean more new music on the horizon.  

Anyways, happy new year to you and your loved ones! Hope to hear from you! 

Peace and love, 


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