My First Post of 2020

Heyyyyy everyone! 

Did you forget about me? I know I didn't forget about you. Waking up this Saturday morning...I realized I needed to play catch up on this whole email thing. Nothing beats drafting an email with a pot of coffee on a Saturday morning! #motivation 

So, let me make this about YOU first. I LOVE reading responses to these, if you have the chance, hit that reply button! This isn't a one way street email. 

1. How is 2020 treating you? /

2. Do you have any goals for this year? 

2020 has been good to me so far! One of my MAJOR goals is to commit to music even more. Crazy, huh? 

I'm sure you're thinking...."But, Ben, you already spend so much time with it!" 

Yes, you're right. Part of this goal is to be more intentional AND efficient with my time! It's always tough to balance work versus personal life...when it hardly seems like work. But, I do realize there has to be some separation involved! 

That being said..... 

Some of my MUSIC goals include (and yes I have other PERSONAL goals as well): 

- Booking more gigs round the year 

- Improving on my live performance (guitar playing, looping, the commentary between songs, etc) 

- Finding more ways to connect with people and music  (open mics, jam sessions, etc) 

- New album summer of 2020 

- Producing/Engineering my own music....along with other artists! (I splurged on some new audio equipment...which forced me to reinvest in this skill!) 

- Summer music tour 

- More collaborations! 

- More dad puns... 

- and most importantly, not losing the heart of why I do music. 

Now, I also have PLENTY of personal goals as well...but, I'll share that with you in person! I need more accountability partners, so if you want to be that person, let me know! 

Today, I'll be making my way down to Portsmouth, Ohio, hometown to my friend Cylia Queen, sharing a bill with her and Shiloh Hawkins at the Port City Pub. I'm stoked to be playing there and experiencing new territories! If you're from the Portsmouth area...or feel like traveling a few hours, come see us play from 8 - 11. Shall be a grand night! 

If you can't come down to Portsmouth, next week, I'll be back at the Shrunken Head (Friday, January 31st) from 6 - 8 PM, doing a happy hour show. I'd LOVE to see you there! 

I hope this email finds you all well on this Saturday morning. In fact, I hope you're enjoying this Saturday morning so much, that you don't even see this email. But, if you're like just might be checking those emails on the weekend! 

Remember, to hit the reply button and tell me about your new year...and your goals (if you have some!) 

PS: One last thing...I'm trying out Patreon (a monthly subscription site for my music stuff)'s not completely finished, but if you have a minute to look at the site and perhaps even let me know of some ideas for incentives, products, specials, etc. 

Peace and love,