New Single Alert!!!!

It's busy over here, but I think that's the normal, default response. I think everyone uses the "busy" answer..because life does keep us busy! 

--- I just put the final touches on a NEW single being released this Saturday. It'll be available on Spotify, iTunes, AppleMusic...and whole lot more. Sign up for my e-mail list, and you can get a copy of this song now!

Back in February, this was the song that I was working on that convinced me to finally see a doctor regarding my voice. It was this chorus, shouting "I'm Ready to Begin", where ironically my voice was ready to end. Late into the night, I even attempted to utter a few conversational words and couldn't even do that. As many of you knew, this is what led me into my quiet, nonverbal February. 

Six months later...I'm proud to say that this song is done and ready for your listening pleasure. I sincerely hope you enjoy this song! It was a good lesson in perseverance, patience...and overcoming stubbornness. 

Here are the lyrics: 

Take a little sip of love, 
Find a way to boost this life again, 
You're my morning cup, 

I'll wait until I find myself alert, 
I know it takes some time, 
You're my morning cure 

I've yet to find a better way 
Reminds me that I'm still alive, 
I'll be ready for the day 

Dependent on your warmth, 
And the power of your love 
Brings me closer to the door 

I'm ready to begin, 
I'm ready to engage the heart within 
I'm ready to inspire 
I'm ready for the cause, 
even when I grow tired 

The fire in my step has slowed 
My energy is dissipating, 
What can keep my flow 

The battle of my apathy, 
I'll find way to make it through, 
Till the day is new 

I'm ready to begin, 
I'm ready to engage, 
I'm ready to inspire 
I'm ready for the cause 

My time is almost here, 
This rest I seem to fear, 
Renew my waning heart, 
Let tomorrow do its part 

I'm ready to begin, 
I'm ready to engage, 
I'm ready to inspire 
I'm ready for the cause 

Thanks for being a part of this journey! 

Please do keep me posted on what's going on in your life. Your response means a lot to me! 

Peace and love,